Monday, June 6, 2011

Oracle Message Boards

So, try to get a little information about Oracle from the Yahoo! Finance message boards. Go ahead and try. You can't. They are full of crap postings from wannabe politicos.

Obama did this, Bush did that. What a waste.

Just a few tidbits about Oracle stock, a major piece of the Naz 100 and software vendor extraordinare. Only bullish people are posting on the threads. For what little that is worth.

Good luck.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Cloud on Apple Stock

There are a couple of diverse opinions on Apple stock, which break down to these two alternatives:

1. Apple is already too big to move much.
2. Apple has been sitting at this level and is now "a coiled spring" ready to explode at the next positive news, whether it is an appearance by Steve Jobs or "the biggest earnings ever" for any company."

Thanks to the crowd at Yahoo! Finance, particularly redzombie85, ottoman2720 and asicsd.

That earnings report isn't going to come out until next month (July), so unless there is a big product announcement, which I hear is unlikely, we may be looking at number 1 above for the near term.

What is Cloud Investing?

The goal of this blog is to find out what is hot in the world of investment. We will seek to gauge the opinion of key investors by finding out what they think of individual stocks.

How do we do this? By posting questions on the Yahoo! Finance message boards, and posting the responses here. I reserve the right to edit responses and summarize. I will no doubt get a lot of crap and worthless posts, but the concept is that if enough people post, there will be some value.

I won't have any individual stake in the stocks that are reviewed here.

So, let's give it try.